Our Time To Act

I always joke that I live in two worlds. My day job allows me to interact with corporate America and office professionals. I work behind a desk, staring at the computer, with a day planner and email notifications. During the evening and on the weekends, I move into the farming world where I’m feeding cattle, changing irrigation and advocating for farmers across the country. My two worlds don’t often collide but today I saw corporate America and farming come together.

While updating my company’s LinkedIn page (you can check that out by searching for King Enterprise Group Inc. on the LinkedIn home page), I ran across an article entitled “Great News for Food” by Clark Wolf. Naturally, I took interest and scanned the article, which I thought would just slam farming and big agriculture. To the contrary, the author talked about the growing excitement average Americans are finding in learning that their vegetables actually come from a plant, and that a real human being is responsible for growing that plant and getting the produce to the farmers market and grocery store shelves.

The comments made me chuckle, I guess I take it all for granted, but it was nice to see that the opportunity to learn about food, and the people who grow it, is exciting others. What I did glean from the article was that Americans have finally started talking about food. It’s no longer farmers talking and consumers not listening, now it appears that the public is ready for an open dialogue about their food and where it comes from. They also seem interested in shaking the hand of the man or woman that make their daily meals possible.

But a quick glance at the comments section of the article tells you that while some people are just starting to embrace the idea of learning about their food, others believe they already have all of the answers. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were mentioned as was locally-grown vegetables. Both are hot topics and have plenty of false information surrounding them.

With so many people already talking – and more appearing ready to talk, and learn, about their food and where it comes from – it’s important that we in agriculture step up to the microphone, extend our hand and make our voices known. Farmers and ranchers have done a great job to speaking to one another but we still have room to improve when it comes to interacting with consumers and the general public.

If people want to know where their food comes from and are excited to experience the growing process and meet the family behind the crop then it’s high time we take action!

Read Wolf’s article at: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130102204332-38234586-great-news-for-food


2 thoughts on “Our Time To Act

  1. This fits exactly with our Ag in the Classroom project. As I am preparing for the first lesson, I will strive to tell the food story from the view of the McPherson Co. farmer.

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