Finding Heroes

I ran across a very well written blog post this morning about the fall of many of our modern-day “heroes.” Those that we look to for inspiration and drive, those that we seek to imitate and follow and sadly, those that seem to end up disappointing us with their lies and scandals.

Read the entire blog post at I emphasize with the author, who wonders who here children can and should be looking to as heroes and role models because those that we all seem to have chosen have repeatedly disappointed us.

Knowing I will be welcoming a child into this world in the near future, I have become more cognizant of the people that shape our lives.  Today our children – and sadly many adults – look to the television, sports fields and Wall Street for inspiration. But the people that they find on those stages seem to only disappoint.


Maybe it’s time we begin looking a little closer to home for our heroes and role models. Many of us have family members and friends that have succeeded and thrived in life, who have built businesses, accomplished dreams and made themselves successful – all with their morals, ethics and beliefs still intact. No skeletons, scandals and dirty lies, just honest handwork and dedication to something they believe in.

I have grandparents and parents that I can count as role models, people that have provided me positive paths and road maps for my own life. Instead of looking to magazines, the Internet and the big screen for examples to base my life on, I know I need to keep my eyes closer to home. And I hope, as my son grows, that he too will look to his family and friends for role models because it is becoming every more clear that the people we find on television maybe great, but they also have great faults and weaknesses.

Agriculture and rural America in general has millions of people that can be role models for others. They will never make headlines, never host press conferences and never be the subject of a 60 Minutes segment, but they will lead their lives with purpose and integrity and I think those are the most important qualities we need to look for when selecting our heroes. No, we won’t be able to purchase their jersey but we can be confident they won’t disappoint us with lies and deceit.

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