The Perks of Motherhood

Last week, Friday, April 12, to be exact, our lives changed forever! Derek and I welcomed our son, Evan John Sawyer, to the world. He arrived almost three weeks ahead of schedule – taking us all by surprise – but immediately making an impact on our hearts. 


My first week of motherhood has been more than I could ever imagine. During my pregnancy people told me how wonderful and life-changing welcoming a child to the world would be. I never imaged just how much I could love a 6 lb, 9 oz baby boy that does nothing more than eat, poop and cry. I now exist to make his life better and it’s a duty I absolutely love. 

I have discovered not only the joys of parenthood but also the perks. There are several and a few I would have never expected. Here are my top 5 . . .

First, a renewed faith in the power of our God and the creation of life. The idea of a new life being created in nine months and coming to our world with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a face that will melt your heart is something you cannot fully appreciate until you experience it first-hand. If you are not a believer before having child, welcoming a new life into the world will make you see the power of our God and creation. 

Secondly, an appreciation for the basics of life. Newborns need nothing more than food, sleep and a connection to someone. Those are the same basics that we need as adults, we just chose to complicate life with extras, distractions and non-necessities. I’m not saying those extras are bad. They make life exciting, unique and enjoyable, but they are not essential to life. Evan requires the essentials and I am here to provide those for him. 

Third, you instantly become the most popular person in the room, restaurant, grocery store etc. Everyone wants to see your baby, ask you questions and hopefully compliment you in your adorable new bundle of joy. Everyone loves a baby – especially a newborn. 

Fourth, the night time feeding hours have allowed me to stay up with all of the late-breaking news occurring this past week. I was up with the Boston Marathon bombers re-emberged on the MIT campus, I had the television going when the first announcements of the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion made news and I will likely be watching when the next late-breaking news hit the airwaves. 

Last, but not least, a new family and a new purpose in life. Before Evan’s arrival, my husband and I focused on work, friends and the organizations we belong to. Today Evan takes top priority and all else falls far behind that. My day revolves around his wants and needs and when – or if – there is time I will devote it to my work and organizations. If that doesn’t happen, life goes on. What was previously important is now barely a blip on my radar. It’s a change I never predicted and would have bet you would not have affected me but my life is forever different and I could not be happier. 

Having a child truly changes your life. Evan is the best thing that has ever happened to my husband and I and I am excited to see the young man he becomes. 

6 thoughts on “The Perks of Motherhood

  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful post and so very true, especially how people and babies need the same basics but we adults clutter our lives with other items.

  2. Congratulations! It’s one of the best feelings in the world… I, too, just had my first baby. It’s hard to imagine before you actually are a mother how much a mother really loves their children. It’s something so special.

    Hope everything goes smoothly! My first few weeks of being a mother were so draining. I was so tired. I don’t do too well on little sleep! But it gets so much better. The first smile! Oh, it will melt your heart!

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