The TRUTH about HSUS

We as farmers and ranchers are under constant attack by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The organization – which many people wrongfully believe is associated with their local animal shelters – spends millions of dollars annually to end animal agriculture and consequently our way of life.

The organization spreads false and misleading information about farming and ranching practices and works to mislead consumers about animal proteins and food products.

But agriculture is not the only industry HSUS has a bulls-eye on. The hunting, fishing and outdoor world also battles HSUS, which opposes hunting and the killing of animals for any reason.

Attempting to spread the message about HSUS’s mislead efforts is a daily, constant efforts and many times it feels as if we in the agriculture world are beating a dead horse. So it was great to read a column in our local paper written by a local outdoorsman who recently learned the truth about the organization and used his column to educate readers.

I enjoyed his column and wanted to share his message and truth about HSUS. Many people wrongfully believe HSUS is associated with their local animal shelter and that is simply not true. If you want to support local animal shelters, send your money directly to the shelter, not to HSUS!

Read Steve Gilliand’s column at–Steve-G-column-HSUS

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