Combines, Balers and Planters Oh My!

When people think of wheat harvest, combines come to mind. But there is so much more happening in the wheat fields outside our home.

Following the combine is the baler, collecting the stalks of the wheat and creating round bales to use for bedding and feed for our cattle this winter.

After that, the planter enters the field, planting soybean or grain sorghum seed in the wheat stubble. This is often called double-cropping and allows us an opportunity get a second crop into the ground, which we will harvest this fall.

With all of the machines – not the mention the trucks hauling the wheat to the elevators – there is a lot happening in our fields and tons of trucks and implements on the roads.

Harvest is a super busy two-week period but when it’s all over, we will have grain in storage, soybeans in the dirt and straw bales on the ground.

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