Beef and Weight Loss

Beef has many resounding health and nutritional qualities – it aids in creating and maintaining healthy muscle mass, it is a great source of 10 vitamins and minerals and is part of a heart healthy diet- to name only a few. But red meat is also a great source of protein making it a top choice for those attempting to shed pounds or simply maintain their current weight.

Adding protein to any meal helps you stay fuller, longer. Research recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that high-quality protein – such as lean beef – improves feelings of satiety. Carbs and sugars move through the body quickly, meaning those hunger pangs return far earlier than the next meal. Protein from lean sources has staying power, meaning they keep you feeling fuller far longer. Satiety is key to success dieting as giving into hunger pangs usually results in additional calorie intake.

The study also reveals that it doesn’t take a move to an all-protein or high-protein diet, like the Adkins Diet, to achieve the feeling of satiety. By simply adding more lean protein to your diet you can fight off hunger longer and win the war of the scale.

Adding more protein is easy. There are 29 cuts of beef, meaning they have less than 10 grams of fat. And beef can be served at any meal, helping people remain full and satisfied throughout the day.

Find what beef cuts qualify as lean and super lean at the Kansas Beef Council website at and learn more about beef nutrition at

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