Farmers Deliver the Holiday Favorites

My nephew, Aiden, recetly enjoyed a day at the pumpkin patch with his mother, myself and my son Evan.
My nephew, Aiden, recently enjoyed a day at the pumpkin patch with his mother, myself and my son Evan.

Have you picked your pumpkin for the fall? How about the gourds we all love to display and the mums that liven up our homes and yards? Have you enjoyed those as well?

As in past years, I’ve added colorful mums to my front porch, decorated the house with pumpkins and gourds and enjoyed a pumpkin cookie or two.

It’s all thanks to a farmer that we have those great holiday staples and many of the holiday traditions that we all know and love.

Farmers don’t just make meals possible, they also deliver the pumpkins for Halloween, the trees for Christmas and the eggs for Easter. The impacts of farmers and ranchers goes far beyond the dinner table to many aspects of our favorite times of the year.

Poultry producers raise the hens that lay the eggs that we all love to dye. Tree farmers grow the evergreens that grace our living rooms and pumpkin farmers raise acres upon acres of pumpkins so we can slide, dice and enjoy the seeds.

So next time you enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey, your St. Patrick’s day corned beef or your Fourth of July hot dogs, remember it’s all possible because of farmers.

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