Farming for the Future

Evan and I joined Derek this weekend to feed and water the cows that recently returned to the farm.
Evan and I joined Derek this weekend to feed and water the cows that recently returned to the farm.

Farmers always talk about caring for the land, preserving their resources and making improvements when possible. Derek has followed in his father and grandfathers’ footsteps in improving and fields and pasture lands whenever possible. The work has always been done with improved yields and grazing in mind but now that our son has joined the family, preserving and protecting our farm has taken on a whole new meaning.

Checking cattle this weekend with Derek, Evan took notice of the cows and their noises. He’s old enough to know he had found something new, but too young to still fully understand what he’s looking at. But Derek and I knew that the cow herd we were feeding and watering would make Evan’s farming and ranch career possible.

By caring for our cattle, improving our lands and guarding our pastures, we are ensuring that the farm will be around to pass onto Evan and hopefully, one day, his son. Farming is a family business and right now it provides for our family and make’s Evan’s country life possible. In the year’s to come, farming will be Evan’s business and enable him to return home, provide for his family and raise his own children. It’s one of the things I love about farming and I hope that Evan will cherish the farm and lifestyle as much as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather have.

We are farming to feed families today but also for those families and generations still to come. It’s a big task with huge rewards and we are excited to welcome the next generation to the industry.

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