Roxy the Unhelpful Cow Dog

Roxy loves the snow - actually she loves any excuse to run around and play.
Roxy loves the snow – actually she loves any excuse to run around and play.

Roxy is a self-proclaimed cow dog. She’s a little red heeler and a lot we don’t know. Being abandoned by her original owner, she made her way to a home in the country where a kind old lady fed her until she could no longer afford to take care of another dog. So Roxy became a ward of the county and I was called because “well you live in the country so we thought you would have room for another dog.”

After visiting her at the pound and knowing her fate if I passed her up, I took Roxy home. Roxy fit in immediately and took to her new life with gusto. She put her hunting and herding skills to use, chasing anything that would run, which included the cats, squirrels, rabbits, horses and, unfortunately, the cattle.

I’m sure Roxy means well. Somewhere inside her is a voice whispering “the cattle needed to be rounded up” but that voice comes without an instruction manual so her herding turns into chasing which turns into calves running aimlessly and breaking through the fence.

During calving season we bring mother and calf pairs to our pasture until they are moved to green grass in the spring. This is undoubtedly Roxy’s favorite time of year. But while Derek and “his dog” Kate – she was around before I came into the picture – sort, feed and water the pairs, poor Roxy is forced to remain in the garage because her contribution to the efforts only cause problems and farmer Derek doesn’t like problems. I don’t think Roxy realizes the headaches she causes and the reason for her removal from the “cow team” but on days like today when Kate and Derek are out and about I take a little pity on her, let her in the house and find a few scraps, or two, to ease her pain.

Maybe someday Roxy will learn the true art of herding, until then, she is known as Roxy, the unhelpful cow dog.

2 thoughts on “Roxy the Unhelpful Cow Dog

  1. we have 2 heelers and one is a young pup with the same issues as your Roxy. He will learn but boy is it frustrating sometimes.

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