Support Local

Until I met my husband, I was one of the millions of Americans that ignorantly believed HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) was the national organization that supported the thousands of local animal shelters that house cats and dogs in communities across the country. 

But I learned the truth, HSUS doesn’t help local shelters, less than 5 percent of the organization’s total expenditures and grants go to shelters. A vast majority of its funding is used to undermine and extinguish animal agriculture as we know it today. As a farmer and rancher, those efforts hit home and undermine our efforts to produce safe and nutritious beef products. 

A recent article published in The Hutchinson News highlights the ongoing, successful cooperation between shelters within the state of Kansas to provide animals to loving homes while reducing the kill rate due to overpopulation. 

Local shelters need your support and donations. They rely on local funds to keep the doors open and animals fed. When dollars go to national organizations, they don’t make their way back to communities. When shelters close, towns lose the only option they have for rehoming lost, abandoned and rescued pets. Supporting local efforts ensures your community keeps its shelters open and families have avenues for adopting pets. 

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