On To Greener Pasture

Every year about this time, the texts and phone calls coming daily – sometime more often. The calves are out, the cows have made it onto the wheat field again or the bulls are on the road. The calls always come as the hubs and I are on our way to an event or just after we have settled in for the evening.

Tonight the calves are in the front yard, the backyard and on the driveway.

Bulls on the road are a sign that it’s time for the animals to go to pasture – it also means we likely have some fence to repair. But like humans, our cattle get spring fever and know when the time is near to move to greener pasture and realize some running rom.

In a few short weeks, our cows and calves will be moved to grazing pastures. They have spent the winter at the farm enjoying a well-rounded diet that meets the nutritional needs of the mother cow and her calf. Because the cows are calving during the winter, we keep them in pens so mother and calf stay closer and we have easy access to the animals to assist in the birthing process, administer medication or tag a newborn calf.

Our pastures are located in the famous Kansas Flint Hills. The animals will have acres upon acres of green grass and open space. They will be well taken care of and we’ll make several trips to visit.

I’ll miss the calves but it’s time they move onto greener pasture.

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