Farm Visit

We welcomed a few friends to the farm this week. Two-year-old Reed and his mother wanted to see cows so we showed off some of the mother cows and baby calves we still have at home.

It’s always fun to have friends out to the farm but more importantly, each visit provides an opportunity for people to learn something new about our cattle, our farm and how we raise our animals and grow our crops. Any opportunity Derek and I have to educate consumers is much appreciated and taken advantage of. In this case, I think Reed and his mom both learned something new about cattle and beef production.

Cows at silos Red Pairs Horses Evan and Derek at silos

One thought on “Farm Visit

  1. Great pictures, I enjoy seiing your cattle and horses and enjoy most seeing Dereck and Evan. Evan is so cute and growing!love you much Grandma Joy

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