Planting Time


Knowing dad was hard at work – and would remain so well past bedtime – Evan and I took advantage of the nice weather and made a trip to the field tonight to say hello and deliver dinner.

Spring is the busiest season on the farm. Cattle have to be moved to summer pasture in the Flint Hills and corn and soybeans have to go into the ground. Many farmers, like my hubby, were patiently waiting for rain before starting to plant corn. We received about an inch last weekend so planting began in earnest this week. Once the planter starts, it typically doesn’t sit still for very long. My husband or his father are in the planter 18 of the 24 hours in the day. My husband usually takes the late shift and my father-in-law will get started with the sun. It makes for long days and tired farmers but it’s part of life on the farm.

In just a few days, small, green corn plants will begin to emerge and by late summer, we will be picking the corn to be used for feed and fuel.

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