Puddles, Not Waterways – #DitchTheRule

Recent rainfalls have filled low spots in fields the EPA wants to regulate as waterways.
Recent rainfalls have filled low spots in fields the EPA wants to regulate as waterways.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) already regulate all lakes, rivers and streams – not matter how large or small – in the U.S.. Now the agency wants to extend its reach to ditches and low spots in fields that fill only when Mother Nature provides the rain.

As the picture above illustrates, the water is simply sitting in a low spot in the field. We received over 2 inches of rain this past weekend and the ground was simply not able to absorb the moisture immediately. It will be be gone in less than 72 hours and won’t migrate or run into any other body of water.

But if the EPA has its way, it will treat this low spot as a waterway, requiring farmers to secure additional permits and government approvals before farming the land adjacent to this low spot. It’s not only burdensome but inefficient, costly and excessive. The EPA’s new proposed rule would cover any ditch or low spot in a field meaning a farmer could potentially have to have permits to farm and manage multiple low spots in one field.

We need to #DitchTheRule and tell the EPA to stop its unnecessary overreach and prohibitive regulations. Farmers and ranchers won’t be the only ones suffering under the new rule. Anyone relying on a affordable food supply could see a substantial impact. Log onto ditchtherule.fb.org to take action and learn more.


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