The Politics of Farming

Today Kansas residents reported to the polls for several primary election races. Because Kansas is a predominately GOP state, these primary races will essentially find the general election winner.

Farming isn’t often thought of as a highly politicized industry but the agriculture industry has an interest in creating and preserving policies that affect how farmers run their farms and care for their animals.

Rules and regulations created at the local, state and national levels all impact our farms. That means we have to remain informed and involved to protect our industry and interests.

We take time to vet candidates for their ability to protect our way of life and continue the fight for legislation we find beneficial to farming. This year several state positions are up for grabs and we have done our part to find candidates we feel best represent our points of views and interests.

Anti-farming and animal agriculture groups will continue to push for harmful legislation so it is essential that we continue to push for our policies and support candidates that will protect farming, ranching and rural life. We must support candidates who will continue to carry the agriculture agenda and stand for our way of life.


Stickers for all declaring our participation in election day.
Stickers for all declaring our participation in election day.

This morning we made a family trip to the poll to cast our votes and do our part to shape the political landscape and legislative agenda. We only have one vote but that vote could very well make an election. Voting is an easy and free way to protect our way or life, our industry and our future.

2 thoughts on “The Politics of Farming

  1. We vote on the 7th in Tennessee. I’ve gone through our sample ballot and tried checking out all the candidates. I was never so disappointed and discouraged about an election, ever. Single candidates cover 85% of the ballot. And you can’t find a website, or, even a Facebook page for two-thirds of them. No way to know their agenda; not that we have much choice. But the respect would be kinda nice.

    1. I understand and kuddos to you for making the effort to inform yourself of your options. We, thankfully, had several contested races. Not all races had great candidates but the choice allows some hope of change and fresh ideas.

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