Remembering Grandpa

Four generations came together last Christmas. My grandpa, Home, my dad, Gregg, myself and my son, Evan.
Four generations came together last Christmas. My grandpa, Home, my dad, Gregg, myself and my son, Evan.

Today we say goodbye to my grandpa. A once strong, independent man, dementia and old age took its toll. He passed peacefully and is now reunited in heaven with his love, my grandma Mary.

My grandpa, John “Homer” Stockstill, was not a boastful or arrogant man. He never sought to be rich or famous, but to simply earn an honest living, raise a family and care for those around him. He never owned a computer, could make anything new again with a little time in his shop and kept the greenest lawn in Geneseo.

He was a WWII veteran and served in the Pacific Islands. At the same age most of us pack our bags for college, my grandpa was aboard a ship, headed to war. He earned the Purple Heart and several other honors for injuries sustained during fierce and deadly fighting. He returned home with stories and memories he rarely shared. When he did talk about his time overseas, it was enough to make you realize just how much he and others sacrificed for our great country. He never expected special treatment for his service and kept the mementos and artifacts quietly tucked away.

My father took after my grandpa is many ways. They shared physical characteristics and unique habits, noticeable only to those around them. They both had a passion for OU football that my dad continues to this day and a careful, tempered demeanor that isn’t quick to anger.

When my sister and I were young, we would visit our grandparents and enjoy dinner at the Geneseo café and time at the park. As we got older, my grandpa was a regular at our track meets, dance recitals and high school graduations. He took pride in his family and was always there to support us. He was not a man of many words, but he always expressed his love and support.

My grandpa was a quiet man, never one to share too much or pry too deep. But his love for all of his family was always evident and always appreciated. We will miss you greatly grandpa, but we know now you are in a better place.

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