#WheatHarvest16 Day 1

The combine pulls to the side of the field after cutting wheat.

Greetings from the wheat fields of Central Kansas! We officially got rolling on #WheatHarvest16 yesterday. The weather was perfect, the wheat was ripe and the machinery was working.

When all is said and done, we will cut about 1,000 acres of wheat this year. That’s a large wheat crop for our farm so this harvest will likely take a few weeks to complete.

My husband, father-in-law and our hired man worked together to cut about 100 acres of wheat from noon until late into the evening. They were bogged down by wheat that was “down” meaning it was laying on the ground, not standing tall. That means Derek had to slow the combine and really work with the header to pick up the wheat and get it all processed through the combine. The slower pace means fewer acres cut in the day.

Wheat harvest always has a hurried feeling. That’s because if left in the field too long, the wheat will begin to shatter when it hits the combine and that decreases the yield. So, Derek and all farmers work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get the wheat cut in as few of days as possible.

Day 1 Meals

Lunch: Barbecue pulled pork; Banana bread; Pudding

Snack: Homemade chocolate chip cookies and drinks

Supper: Sandwiches; Watermelon; Pasta salad

Local Wheat Cash Price: $3.77

Last year, my oldest son, Evan, rode in the combine nearly every afternoon. This harvest started no differently. We delivered lunch to the field, returned home for naps, and then Evan was up, boots on, and ready to ride. Just like his dad and grandpa, Evan is in his element when he’s in the field and farming.

Day 1 Lunch
Three generations enjoy lunch together before officially beginning Day 1 of #WheatHarvest2016.

Stay tuned for Day 2 of harvest!

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