#WheatHarvest16, Day 3 & 4

The rain that forced us out of the fields Wednesday kept us from cutting wheat Thursday. However, after a day of 100 degree temps, the combine was rolling again by lunch on Friday.

Owen with Derek
Dad isn’t around much during harvest so we have to get our giggles in when and where we can.

During harvest dad time is hard to come by. He’s up and out the door by 8 a.m. and doesn’t return home until well after we are all in bed. So visits to the field are our time to see dad and grandpa. So when we deliver meals, we like to hang around for a while – or until the heat forces us home.

Evan has hitched a ride in the rain cart with grandpa and the combine with dad every day so far. Little guy, Owen, is still waiting for his inaugural ride in the combine. I’m guessing that in another year, we’re going to have another harvest helper on our hands!

Friday’s Menu

Lunch: Sandwiches; Chips; and Cookies

Snack: Route 44 Cherry Limeades from Sonic

Supper: Taco salad; Chips and salsa; Angel food cake with strawberries

Local cash price: $3.79

The guys worked well past supper time Friday and in all cut about 150 acres of OK wheat. The hubs suspects some of the wheat was damaged by the recent hail and heavy rains. All of the wheat we have cut thus far is dryland, meaning the only moisture it receives is from rain. And harvesting really good dryland wheat means we have been lucky and received the necessary rains to help the crops grow. Farming requires a lot of faith and the occasional streak of good luck.

Unfortunately, after everyone was home and in bed last night, another unexpected storm rolled through our area. It brought more rain, straight line winds and another day of no cutting. Looks like our farmer gets to spend Saturday with the family!

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