Father’s Day

Me dad and grandpa
My dad and grandpa were two of my biggest fans during my years of track and cross country.

This Father’s Day I have several fathers in my life to celebrate and thank. Now that I’m in my 30s, I can look back and admit that I didn’t always appreciate all my father did for me growing up. The man worked tirelessly to  provide for our family and after a full days work, he would come home and be an always-present and engaging father. His dedication to his job earned him several promotions and his lessons and encouragement at home provided us the support my mom, sister and I needed to pursue our passions.

My father knew when to let me make a mistake and when to intervene. He knew when we needed tough love and when we just needed a hug. Having only daughters, he was never able to realize his dream of watching his son play football for the Oklahoma Sooners, but he embraced my passion for running and swimming and became my biggest fan.

My father will always be my dad – providing advice, support and fixing things for me – although these days the fix requires hammers and drills. But today we have new and different common interests, like politics, sports and a desire to always do better. Everyday I am thankful to have my dad right down the road and only a phone call away.

Harvest crew
Our 2016 wheat harvest crew: my father-in-law, Kyle, my husband and my oldest son, Evan.

Now that I am married and have watched my husband become a father to our two wonderful little boys, and I see how hard we works to provide for his family and create a future for his sons. He allows me the freedom to pursue my passions and is there to support me all along the way – even if he’s not sure where the path is leading.

I have been fortunate to have five great father figures in my life – my husband, my father, my father-in-law and my two grandfathers. Each unique in their own ways and a wonderful role model for the next generation. These men have proven how important a father is to shaping the next generation of men.

My husband learned hard work, passion and grit from his father and grandfather and my own father worked to create the same loving home and bright future for his daughters that his father worked to create for he and his sister. As a mother of two boys, it is my hope and desire to raise two loving, devoted, hard working and passionate husbands and fathers as their fathers and grandfathers before them.

Happy Father’s Day to my father, husband and father-in-law and all of the great men who have played the role of dad.



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