#WheatHarvest16, Day 5

After three days of parked combines, the guys hit the wheat fields Tuesday with hopes of a productive, rain-free week. As I noted in a previous blog post, all of our wheat is within 10 miles of our house and yesterday the guys were literally next door, cutting wheat just outside the house.

We cut 110 acres in all but had to leave a portion of the field still standing because it was just too muddy to access. We also had some visitors – my sister and her sons. They loved their time on the farm.

Aiden in Combine with Derek
My nephew, Aiden, got to ride with his uncle Derek in the combine last night. He loved it and had plenty of questions about the whole thing.

One of the most important things we, as farmers and advocates, can do is allow those not directly involved in farming an opportunity to see what we do, first-hand. While my sister and her family visit our farm regularly, they don’t get to participate in our business and be involved in harvest or other daily activities.

My three-year-old nephew, Aiden, took a spin in the combine with Derek while his younger brother, Camden, age one, rode along with my father-in-law, Doug. Both loved it and I loved that we could open their eyes to something new, different and exciting.

Tuesday’s Menu

Lunch: Sonic and leftovers (my cheat day)

Supper: Sloppy joes sliders; Side salads; Cookies

Local cash price for wheat: $3.57 (down from last week)

Anytime we can connect someone with our way or life and help them understand what we do we gain an advocate and a spokesperson. Much of the criticism of modern agriculture comes from fear of the unknown and a lack of understanding of what we are doing. When we allow people – even young children – into the cabs of our combines and buddy seats of our tractors, we are providing them an invaluable glimpse into our way of life and allow them to see just how fantastic and efficient today’s agriculture industry really is.

We always like having visitors on the farm and seeing kids in awe of the combines, trucks and tractors will put a smile on anyone’s face.

As I type, the guys are already back in the combines and ready to roll through Day 6 of #wheatharvest16. Follow along with harvest throughout the day on Instagram and Twitter at @Sawyerfarm.

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