Marshall for Kansas 1st District

Note: This is a letter to the editor I authored in support of Dr. Roger Marshall, who is challenging incumbent Republican Tim Huelskamp. While I normally do not use this blog for political purposes, I am sharing this to demonstrate my support for Dr. Marshall’s campaign and efforts to help the state of Kansas earn back its voice in Washington. Dr. Marshall was recently endorsed by both the Kansas Livestock Association and Kansas Farm Bureau. 
On August 2, I will be casting my vote for Dr. Roger Marshall for First District Republican Representative. I believe in cooperation and transparency in government and want a Congressman who will represent our district with honesty and integrity. Selfish agendas and political narcissism have rewarded us with ineffective representation. We must elect a leader who will put our needs before his own.
Not only is Dr. Marshall committed to Kansas conservative values, but he is committed to being a leader who will listen to those who elect him. This does not guarantee consensus, but it does mean he will engage voters and actually listen to their concerns. As a physician and business owner, Dr. Marshall has earned a reputation as an honest and trustworthy community leader and professional.
We must get ourselves back on a path to prosperity and progress and I believe Dr. Marshall is the right candidate for the job. Please join me in supporting him for Republican candidate for the First Congressional District.
Katie Sawyer

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