The Day After – Why I voted Republican

Regardless of party affiliation, I think we can all agree that this election was an emotionally draining and complex series of events that had many different actors, aspects and potential outcomes. We struggled to make sense of people, opinions and polls. Many did not want to believe and even more made assumptions hoping they would become reality. But the race is over, the winner has been declared and yet our divisions seem as deep as ever. Today social media is full of anger, finger-pointing and doomsday predictions. I never weighed in on the presidential elections but today I feel the accusations and anger of those on the other side of the political aisle more than ever.

I make no secrets of the fact that I am and always have been a Republican. Do I agree with everything the platform does? No. But the GOP aligns with a majority of my fiscal, governing, religious and social views. And being a part of the larger picture and an actor in the play we call democracy reminds me of why I love this country and thank God everyday that I was born into the land of the free.

I was not a fan of Donald Trump and will be the first to admit he is a flawed man with a slightly flawed take on a powerful message. But he presented an argument, a grievance and a passion for a new path that millions across this great nation agreed with. We are always quick to praise democracy when it delivers the results we want but never want to admit that it’s just as effective when it propels the opposition to victory.

Everyone walks into the polling place with different motivations, passions and hopes. I vote to protect my way of life, my family’s farm and my hope of passing our business onto the next generation. I vote for fewer regulations, smaller government and fiscal responsibility. I do not believe we can spend our way out of an issue, we can’t prop people up with only a handout and we must let the free market determine our economic winners and losers. On Tuesday I voted for candidates at the local, state and federal level that likewise stood for those values and passions.

I am a well-educated mother of two. I am not a bad person because I want Republicans in the White House and making laws. I did not cast my vote to kill someone’s dream, to suppress the opposition or to put our country on a path of destruction. I cast my vote because I want to see our country prosper and I believe that is best done with a conservative approach.

America is a country of smart, hardworking and determined people. We have been great, we are great and we will continue to be great. Now is the time to put differences aside, come together and move forward.

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