A Year With Owen Douglas

Owen plays with his Little Blue Truck and farm animals after bath

Today we celebrated the first birthday of our youngest son, Owen Douglas Sawyer. The past year has flown by – although there were days time seemed to grind to a halt. We had our good days and our bad. We survived a whole lot and spent many a late nights cuddling and rocking. Owen may share his brother’s blue eyes and blondish-red hair but he and Evan John are nothing alike. I never realized how two very different little boys could come from the same parents and upbringing.

Owen has proven to be a spirited, spunky and noisy little guy. He’s assertive, opinionated and spirited. His patience are few but his kisses are many. He has a smile that will melt your heart and scream that could break eardrums. He is everything I was as a baby and a constant reminder of my impatience, stubbornness and hard-headed ways.

The result of my attempted 1 year photo session

I have learned a lot from Owen this past year – mainly that I can survive on a whole lot less sleep than previously thought and that despite what the parenting books will say, you cannot train all children. Some children will sleep, others simply will not. Owen sleeps, but on his own schedule and under his own terms.

He celebrates his first birthday with only four teeth, a head full of hair and the ability to walk – just not the desire. He is a crawling machine and climbs anything he’s tall enough to reach. He is a one-man tornado capable of destroying nearly anything left in his path.

Owen wakes up before the sun every morning but could not be happier about starting the day. He loves playing with his big brother and dad and still finds a moment or two to cuddle with me each day. He enjoys his time on the farm – seeing the cattle and riding in the tractor and combine. I hope he develops the same passion and love for the land as his father and grandfather. And if farming is not his dream, I hope he carries a passion for serving people and carrying for animals with him where ever he goes.

Our little man will do big things one day. I joke to many that I pray he uses his powers and personality for good, as it will be mighty. This child will be the source of my first grey hair but will also accomplish so much. We love you Owen Douglas now please just sleep!


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