Mud, Mud Go Away


Sometimes talking about farming means talking about the weather. Because at the end of the day, a successful crop is dependent on plenty of sunshine, productive rains and consistent cycles of warm and cool temps.

When a local reporter texted earlier this week to see if we want to talk about how happy we were about yet ANOTHER round of rain headed our way I said we would love to have her out to the farm then informed her were not to happy at all about more moisture. I gave her directions to the farm and told her to bring her boots. I rarely turn down an opportunity to talk about farming and why we do what we do.

The reporter and her camera took a spin in the Gator with the Farm Hubs and he did an excellent job of talking about how difficult mud makes his job as a rancher and how far behind all Kansas farmers are on field work.

See his complete interview here:

Our fields and pastures do need the rain and moisture but the mud really only causes problems. It makes for cold, hard surfaces for our cattle and breeds disease and viruses in our new calves. Like people or pets, walking around in cold, wet mud can cause problems for our cattle’s feet and makes it so much more difficult to get from one part of the pasture to the other. (Cattle are creatures of habit so the daily trail to the feed bunk is nearly impossible to traverse.)

The other pitfall of mud? Tractors don’t roll in mud. We should be about 2 weeks away from planting corn. But fields haven’t been worked and it’s impossible to see the mud dry by April 1.

Sadly I don’t think we’re done with rain and therefore mud but we sure are doing everything we can to remind Mother Nature that we’ve had enough!

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