The Business of Farming

It’s #SmallBusinessWeek and while we all stop to lift up the downtown shop or local manufacturing company, farms often are not part of the business landscape we celebrate because those outside of farming don’t see what we do as a business.

But for many communities and states – like Kansas – farming and agriculture is the #1 driver of the economy. Like lawyers, bankers or restaurant owners, farmers must manage inputs costs, payroll, sales and the mountains of paperwork that comes with it all. Thankfully farming comes with better office views and more comfortable office attire.

As the cost of farming goes up, so too do the stakes of staying on the farm. Today’s farmers have to be more diligent than ever to ensure their farm remains profitable and operational. That’s not always easy for an industry that relies on an international market to value its final products. The working capitol required for even a small farm can be daunting and most pieces of farm equipment will cost more than a new 2-bedroom home.

Most farmers – like my husband – farm not for the money, although that is a necessary part of it all – but for the lifestyle and tradition around the land and the hope that the next generation will return to carry on the business.



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