Week 7: Dad Doing Work

Derek working Chute with Owen
My husband holding our four-year-old while operating the cattle chute

Moms often get the credit for multi-tasking and balancing work and family. And they should. I know tons of rock-star moms doing it all. But the picture above pretty well illustrates just how hard my husband has been working to care for both his farm and his children.

We’re on week 7 of our coronavirus shut-down and every day I remember to count my blessings and find the good in the situation. April is busy season on our farm and any other year, that would mean my boys would see very little of Derek. But this year is different and in some ways, so much better.

When the farmer hubs and I made the decision to pull our boys from daycare we agreed it would take a team approach to care for them. We both have full-time jobs, evening and weekend obligations and our boys needed something constructive to do with their days.  Since mid-March, my husband has taken one or both of the boys with him to the farm everyday. They’ve fed calves, planted corn and hauled cows to pasture. He’s answered questions (likely millions of them), wiped bottoms and kept track of a wondering 4 year old, all while keeping the farm up and running.

These past few weeks we learned what family farming really looks like and enjoyed some family time feeding calves and eating lunches on the cab of a pickup during a break in the work. The boys love it, my husband is learning what it’s like multi-task and I’ve gotten to see all of my boys doing what they really love.

My husband hopes to one day pass this farm onto our sons – the 5th generation of Sawyers – and this unique situation has given us an opportunity to watch three generations – my husband, his father and our sons – work side by side, each and every day.

It is my hope that my children never have a spring free to tag along with dad – because they will be in school – but for now, I can’t help but think how blessed my boys are to have the opportunity to enjoy the farm and time with dad. And I’m grateful that my dear husband has been up to the challenge of managing a chatty 7 year old and rambunctious 4 year while keeping the planter headed straight down the field.

Owen and Doug
My father-in-law Doug and my four-year-old enjoying lunch on the farm


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