Surviving COVID, 1 Year Later

Our oldest, Evan, headed to a bull sale with his dad and grandpa.

This week my boys are on Spring Break, but that didn’t stop my oldest, Evan, from heading out the door at 7 a.m. with his dad and grandpa on Thursday for a day at the bull sale. He’s been looking forward to this trip since the sale catalog came. I just love seeing him this excited about the farm and being part of a four-generation family business.

It was one year ago this week that we received the news that our boys would not be returning to school after spring break. The news was life-altering and sobering and was the first of many “endings” we experienced as a result of COVID-19. Thankfully my boys and the farmer hubs took the news in stride and we made the most of our spring at home. In fact, in many ways the pandemic forced the slow down we all needed.

I have been meaning to write a one-year-later post and thought this picture best encapsulated life in the Sawyer house right now: almost back to normal, lots of smiles and a passion for the farm. Scroll through past blog posts and you’ll find a consistent theme: life under quarantine simply meant more time with one another and the cows.

In August 2020, my boys returned to school, full-time and in person. Yes they have to wear masks and yes school is not what is used to be. But as I watch other children struggle with full-time online education, parents working hard to balance work and their child’s online education and entire years lost, I cannot help but feel thankful. The boys love being in school and rarely complain about all the rules.

During the past year, my boys have had the opportunity to play sports, attend church, spend time with their friends and see most of their family on a regular basis. In most cases we really haven’t missed a beat. And the fact that we can look back on the past year with mostly happy memories is not lost on me. I credit much of our “normal” life on the fact we live in rural America and attend a small, rural school district. Yes we still saw COVID hit our community, but we chose to continue on and not let it scare us into irrational decisions. We are extremely fortunate.

This past year will certainly be one we will never forget. We’re not out of the woods yet, but it’s obvious things are getting better, shots are going into arms and we’re staring ahead at a summer that may look closer to normal than we’ve experienced in months.

Here’s to beating COVID, remembering what’s really important in our lives and celebrating all those little ways we can begin returning to normal.

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