The Chaos of Sorting

Sorting cattle is not unlike herding cats – except you don’t want them all going the same direction. You need some cattle to go through the gate, others to go to the left of the gate and yet others to not come near the gate at all. There’s a lot of reading minds and understanding unexplained hand signals. 

Watching grown men chase two month old calves really is a site to see and understanding the logic and reasoning behind how they go about sorting their animals is something I have not yet grasped. I’m not going to lie, I really don’t know what they are doing half the time. 

But like a good farm wife, I try to help when needed, which often amounts to staying out of the way – except when I need to get in the way to stop a runaway calf from going through the gate, which I’m always told to do after said calf has gone through the gate. 

I’m not too optimistic I’m ever going to fully grasp my husband’s way of doing business on this one, but I’ll keep trying to help (aka stay out of the way). 

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