Nike’s Tomorrow is Today

In its 2021 Olympic Ad “Best Day Ever”, Nike shows scientists growing plants in a lab that then turn to shoes. Sounds futuristic, but we don’t have to wait for the technology – it’s already here. Thanks to continued research and design, scientists have found ways to use soybean oil to make foams that are used in a variety of products, including shoes, seat cushions and coolers.

Today’s agriculture industry is about more than food. The crops grown on our farm are used for so many products found in every home. And byproducts from livestock – including swine and cattle – are found in hundreds of products that we all use daily. Ethanol and biodiesel, created from corn, soybeans and grain sorghum, are more efficient burning fuel sources for today’s vehicles.

Seed and genetic technologies are allowing us to not only do more with less, but find more ways to put our crops to use, creating more renewable inputs and environmentally friendly inputs.

Don’t let Nike and others fool you – the future is now. America’s farmers and ranchers are growing your shoes, your jeans, your car seat cushions and your leather handbag.

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