Trump’s First 100 Days: Through the Eyes of a Farm Wife

Apparently Trump is celebrating 100 days in office, or at least that’s all anyone in Washington D.C. can talk about these past few days. While I understand the importance of getting off to a productive start, I’m afraid the pundits along the Potomac have a very narrow focus on what constitutes success by the Trump … More Trump’s First 100 Days: Through the Eyes of a Farm Wife

There is no Plan B

When Times Get Tough, Farmers Keep Going My farmer husband started the day vaccinating calves that recently came home from a summer in the Kansas Flint Hills. He takes great pride in his animals and loves watching calves grow into great mommas and strong, lean steers. Today’s group of calves are big, beautiful animals that will, most likely, … More There is no Plan B

Politics Hits Home

We are in the homestretch of a year-long primary battle between our incumbent Congressmen, Tim Huelskamp, Republican, and his challenger, Dr. Roger Marshall. This race has taken on a life of its own, garnering outside money, attention and headlines.  I have spoken with several reporters about the race – some as far away as Washington, … More Politics Hits Home