No Bull, It’s All Antibiotic-Free

  Check out for great beef recipes and preparation tips My husband and I raise Angus cattle on our fourth-generation family farm in Central Kansas. We believe in the humane treatment of all of our animals and therefore use antibiotics in our animals on an as-needed basis to cure an illness and help the … Continue reading No Bull, It’s All Antibiotic-Free

The Only Option is to Help

Antibiotic use in animals has again made headlines as another national restaurant chain announces plans to move to serving only antibiotic-free animal products. The change was the result of pressure from outside lobbyist organizations with a mission to discontinue the use of all antibiotics in animals. What’s disappointing is the restaurant chain’s lack of attention … Continue reading The Only Option is to Help

Shame On You Subway

With all of the recent bad publicity, it seems the company was looking for a quick and easy PR move to regain customers and positive press (Click HERE for a look inside the rise and fall of Subway) when it announced Wednesday that it would begin serving products only from animals never treated with antibiotics. The publicity stunt is a slap in the face to the hardworking farmers and ranchers who produce safe, affordable and antibiotic-free products everyday and the reason I will now be saying no to Subway.