The forgotten natural disaster

Nearly a month after Hurricane Sandy smashed into the northeast, we are still hearing from singers, actors and politicians pleading on behalf of the victims, asking for donations and assistance to help residents rebuild their lives. The hurricane was horrible and devastating and my heart goes out to the victims who are now forced to find new … Continue reading The forgotten natural disaster

The Economic Depths of the Drought

It's been hard to escape news that the drought has devastated the farming and ranching community. And recent reports have translated the damage to an increase in food prices. But for states like Kansas, where agriculture has been and remains the backbone of the economy, the drought will cause far great economic cracks. A new article from … Continue reading The Economic Depths of the Drought

Blame the Farmer?

Huffington Post columnist Donald Carr has decided that farmers - the people that suffer the greatest from the drought and intense heat - are the same group of people that hope to make the situation worse. In his recent column – which you can read here, Carr blames farmers and agriculture organizations for stopping … Continue reading Blame the Farmer?