Sometimes I Forget

It was 8 p.m. last night and I was rocking my newborn back to sleep having reminding my older son, once again, to stay in bed. I had spent close to an hour getting the baby ready for bed and asleep and it was all undone when the toddler made his appearance, causing me to … More Sometimes I Forget

Race Wrap Up: Working Moms On The Run

Those of us participating represented a wide range of ages, shapes and sizes. Few of us are probably the shape and size we want – or at one time – use to be. But we’re out there, giving it our all, juggling multiple demands – even while on the course – and knowing that as soon as we cross the finish line we’re back to being mom, wife and partner. But for the time we’re racing, we’re super woman, running toward our goal and working our butts off to cross that finish line. … More Race Wrap Up: Working Moms On The Run


My last blog entry was all about our wonderful mother cows and sometimes I look at them with empathy and sympathy – for any of your breastfeeding mothers out there you would cringe while watching a calf nurse. But I also see that their one and only goal is to keep their calves fed, safe … More Parenting

New Years Resolutions

Well, as it stands right now, I am a far cry from a real farm wife. I don’t cook all that often, I don’t do a lot of meal prep for the guys and I’ve been a little lazy on little things like making the bed, doing laundry in a timely fashion and keeping an organized house. But I’m aiming to change all of that. … More New Years Resolutions