When Times Get Tough Don’t Forget the Spouses

I am privileged to not only work for a member of Congress who serves on the House agriculture committee but has made agriculture one of his top priorities. But when the days is done, I get to come home to the farm and move into my most cherished role of mother and wife. It's no … Continue reading When Times Get Tough Don’t Forget the Spouses

Race Wrap Up: Working Moms On The Run

Those of us participating represented a wide range of ages, shapes and sizes. Few of us are probably the shape and size we want - or at one time - use to be. But we're out there, giving it our all, juggling multiple demands - even while on the course - and knowing that as soon as we cross the finish line we're back to being mom, wife and partner. But for the time we're racing, we're super woman, running toward our goal and working our butts off to cross that finish line.