Sale Day: Buying Bulls and Investing In Our Future

Yesterday the farmer hubs and I attended a bull sale in South-Central Nebraska. The hubs lives for these days. The sale catalogs for ranches start arriving around the first of the year and he’s like a kid digging through the Target toy catalogue before Christmas - making lists, comparing animals and deciding exactly what he … Continue reading Sale Day: Buying Bulls and Investing In Our Future

The Case for Outsourcing Child Care

Today’s mommas always preach the value of a tribe – having friends, family, colleagues and neighbors who support and understand the struggle of motherhood and raising kids. We have play dates with our tribe, wine nights with our tribe and inside jokes and memes with tribe members. But for all the glory we heap upon … Continue reading The Case for Outsourcing Child Care

Taking Care of our Farmers

To say it's a bad time to be a farmer would be an understatement the size of the grain piles dotting the Kansas landscape. During the past few years farming has become a losing proposition. Grain prices are down, international rhetoric and negotiations have killed export opportunities and a drought has made it nearly impossible … Continue reading Taking Care of our Farmers