The forgotten natural disaster

Nearly a month after Hurricane Sandy smashed into the northeast, we are still hearing from singers, actors and politicians pleading on behalf of the victims, asking for donations and assistance to help residents rebuild their lives. The hurricane was horrible and devastating and my heart goes out to the victims who are now forced to find new … Continue reading The forgotten natural disaster

The wrath of Mother Nature

What a difference a month makes. In early September, Central Kansas was still fighting the summer heat. Crops were struggling, grass was drying and ponds were losing what little water they had left. Now, not even half-way through October, farmers woke up Sunday morning to dead crops from a cold, hard freeze. Constantly changing weather … Continue reading The wrath of Mother Nature

The Real Story on “Agent Orange Corn”

A new buzzword aimed at skewing long-established farming practice has popped up, this time causing people to question the safety of the corn now growing in fields across America. CBS’s morning news show aired a segment this morning on “Agent Orange Corn,” a new herbicide produced by Dow Chemical intended to kill the “super weeds” … Continue reading The Real Story on “Agent Orange Corn”