Taking Care of our Farmers

To say it's a bad time to be a farmer would be an understatement the size of the grain piles dotting the Kansas landscape. During the past few years farming has become a losing proposition. Grain prices are down, international rhetoric and negotiations have killed export opportunities and a drought has made it nearly impossible … Continue reading Taking Care of our Farmers

The Day After – Why I voted Republican

Regardless of party affiliation, I think we can all agree that this election was an emotionally draining and complex series of events that had many different actors, aspects and potential outcomes. We struggled to make sense of people, opinions and polls. Many did not want to believe and even more made assumptions hoping they would … Continue reading The Day After – Why I voted Republican

Marshall for Kansas 1st District

Note: This is a letter to the editor I authored in support of Dr. Roger Marshall, who is challenging incumbent Republican Tim Huelskamp. While I normally do not use this blog for political purposes, I am sharing this to demonstrate my support for Dr. Marshall's campaign and efforts to help the state of Kansas earn back … Continue reading Marshall for Kansas 1st District

Elections Will Impact Ag

*This column was originally published in the Fall 2014 issue of Kansas AgLand. For more from that issue, log onto http://www.kansasagland.com.  If you’ve watched even an hour of television this fall, you’ve noticed the steady stream of political ads. Yes, the number of commercials has decreased with the primary election now over, but the pitches, … Continue reading Elections Will Impact Ag