The Dehorning Debate

It seems Ryan Gosling has a soft-spot for cattle. Unfortunately he’s opting to donate his celebrity status to a group that does not have the best interest of livestock in mind. The AP reported Wednesday that Gosling has decided to take on the plight of horned dairy cattle, issuing a letter to the National Milk … More The Dehorning Debate

General Assumptions

I am naturally going to click on any headline with the word billionaire and a picture of cattle. While performing my daily scan of the homepage, I found such a headline and proceeded to follow the link. Please excuse more for a moment as I step onto my soapbox. Here is a link to the … More General Assumptions

The reason why

Americans constantly question the agriculture community. From inquiries on livestock practices to investigations on pesticides, farmers and ranchers are continuously answering questions about their practices and farming methods. Most outside sources like to believe agriculture doesn’t have the answers. They craft articles and opinions on the make-believe-basis that farmers simply make spur-of-the-moment decisions with no thought for … More The reason why